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Fear is tricky. What is holding you back?

Published: 6 November, 2023

Er zijn veel dingen die me tegen kunnen houden. Perfectionisme, Imposter Syndrome, te druk, gebrek aan duidelijkheid of me teveel met anderen vergelijken. Angst is een vervelende raadgever.

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Five stages of grief (explained with fashion)

Published: 15 September, 2022

De vijf stadia van rouw zijn bekend. Je kunt ze eigenlijk op allerlei gebeurtenissen toepassen. En ze uitleggen gaat eigenlijk best duidelijk in dit verhaal over een jurk die ik niet meer pas.

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Butterfly of Denial

Published: 12 September, 2022

Comic about being in denial. No! There’s nothing wrong! Why should there be? I’m doing GREAT.

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Summer anxiety

Published: 9 September, 2022

My Affirmation Cat is doing overtime. But all is going well. How is your workplace looking at the moment? Mine is slightly chaotic with lots of piles. Yes, that is a system too. My to-do pile is shrinking every day.

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Dramatization of work

Published: 9 September, 2022

These last few weeks feel a little like this comic: one mountain of work after another. I didn’t even have time to draw believable rocks today. But with bits of pictures it is looking quite nice. Great way to discover new things!And I’m really lucky to have such a great job 😀

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Summer break

Published: 9 September, 2022

What do you take with you on holiday? The worries? The joy? Do you have a choice? (I don’t)I’ll be back in three weeks. Enjoy your summer!

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