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complex wordt helder


Get attention with a good story. Someone wil want to know: how does it end? Discover the story in your message. How do you keep it concise and powerful – and what resources do you use? Visual storytelling communicates with calm and dynamics at the same time. And that can be short and powerful!

Worth the investment

An animation is an in-depth investment that you will enjoy when:

An animation is a golden presentation medium for change management. It provides convincing support for your pitch, start-up or brand introduction.

Quick and to the point

With an animation you can clearly convey a complex message in a short period of time. An animation that works well, lands quickly. People understand in a minute. And it’s fun! You’ll want to watch it again or share it with a colleague.

We first had our doubts. ​Can an animation present our message to such a wide audience without loss of content? How can we convey such complex ideas within 3 minutes? Is Marijke able to properly interpret our message? All three aspects were worked out well. Marijke quickly understood the ideas, complemented them and was able to translate them into befitting images.We have already been able to use the animation several times for various target groups. The effect? Within 3 minutes “the why” and the ideas were clear and we could start the conversation from the same understanding and language.

Gonneke Leereveld, Program manager WellantCollege

Process for depth

The analysis beforehand is important: what exactly do you want to convey – to whom – and where are the pitfalls? We take your content seriously and it will be critically examined. What does it take to translate it into images?Message in a Drawing starts with capturing your entire story in a script of a few minutes (max). In all its complexity and without loss of information, that is my aim. Only with that foundation will an animation work for your organization.

I keep you involved in all phases: scripting, moving storyboard, sketches, voice-over choice. That way you can always test for stratification and information value. And adjust where necessary.


​For an effective animation I use a team of pure professionals who strive for success with the target group. Everyone uses their own expertise for this: the scriptwriter, professional voice actors, a kick ass sound designer and the gifted animator. That’s why it works: your film appeals to people through all the senses, brains and heart.

​​Apart from the creativity and proactive thinking in conveying our message, the speed and care in our cooperation with Marijke appealed to us very much. This was ultimately a big part of the key to our success. In addition, she managed to translate our complex message into clear language by asking carefully.Our client was very pleased with the way in which the message was conveyed. As a result, we have already spoken with others many times about the use of an animation and this is currently being used as casuistry within our own organization!

​Pascal Segers, ​Salesdirector ArboNed

Drawn attention?

Do you want to attract attention? Can your story use good visualization that really reaches the target group in a short and powerful way? Contact us for a free consultation.