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About me

Marijke van Veldhoven

It is easier for me to talk in images than with words. “But of course you can’t visualize this,” customers sometimes say. Then I already have my pencil on to show in how many ways it is possible.

Clear and professional

With my drawings I made a presentation that was clear, clear and professional. With funny elements in it to hold attention.Make the message clear together with the customer. That gives me energy!

We have a beautiful set of drawings with which we can make original and effective presentations, with which we can make our story clearer and more powerful.In addition, we were forced to think time and time again about who we are, what we do and what our added value is for the customer, so that this is now sharper on our minds. A nice side effect! I would therefore absolutely recommend Marijke to others.

Herold Janssen, ExperiCom

Do you also want to get the message clear?

Contact me without obligation to see what drawings can mean for your company. I always like to think along to achieve the best result.