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​Convey your message

You have something important to say. But how do you convince your audience? How do you persuade your colleagues of your vision? How do you properly clarify your idea? And how do you explain a new process that departments will have to implement?One picture says more than 1000 words. And Message in a Drawing makes that picture to convey the message of your company. Loud and clear. With drawings. With that you can convey the heart of the message. Remove the complexity to show what it is really about.Message in a drawing illustrates annual reports, clarifies complex processes, summarizes long meetings or makes a elaborate vision concrete.Words communicate better if you draw them. See for yourself.

Marijke van Veldhoven, business illustrator

That’s me: an illustrator, draftsman and a cartoonist. Especially for companies, mind you. I like making clear what you want to communicate. With drawn presentations, cartoons or animations. For big projects I regularly team up with specialists in the necessary fields.

I worked with companies such as FrieslandCampina and Game Solutions. But also with trainers, hospitals and the National Police. From The Netherlands to Hong Kong I help to convey a vision, a change or a USP.

Would you like to convey your message clearly?

Stand-up cartooning

What’s up? Have your most turbulent or boring moments recorded in a drawing. No blabla, but the principal in a drawing: from creative brainstorms to the yearly away day. Convince with humor – hard and super fast.


Storytelling, but then in pictures: a well-drawn story goes without saying. Abstract, complex subjects become crystal clear, because they are brought back to the core. Like your vision or Invest in a good animation.


Every statement deserves effective illustrations. Those corny stock photos could demote your brand. Stimulate your target group with a catchy cartoon. Turn it around: have your annual report drawn out. Start your prezi with pictures. Or use illustration for your LinkedIn marketing. 

​Character design

Give your sales a boost and develop a mascot with brand value. For kids in Den Bosch, the Siep character has become the Michelin Man of the school libraries. Remember The Laughing Cow and Quicky from Nesquik? Invest in your own brand mascot.

My portfolio

​My fans

​​​We have a nice set of drawings with which we can make original and effective presentations.Illustrations with which we can make our story clearer and more powerful. In addition, Marijke made us think time and again about who we are, what we do and what our added value is for the customer, which made our message stronger. I would absolutely recommend Marijke to others.

​Herold Janssen, project- en procesmanager ExperiCom

Marijke is very good at expressing what we want to convey.I had no doubts about our cooperation because we had worked with her before. Marijke is also easily accessible, which is good for communication. She works quickly, professionally, understands what you want to convey and is incredibly creative!

​Kristina Christobal, communication specialist & HR FrieslandCampina

​Get in touch

Do you have a question? Do you want something illustrated? Fill in the form and I will get back to within 24 hours.