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Zoo You Mind?

100 of my comics collected in a book

Anxiety Cockatoo keeps yelling at me...

I've been drawing my comics for one and a half years and I love doing it. People asked me to collect them in a book and now I have. With a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign I could easily research the enthusiasm for this project and within 12 hours there were more than enough backers. Not only that: Kickstarter selected it as a "Project We Love". Yay!

Now is your chance: the campaign runs until 7th October 2021. You can still order a signed copy. And get your favorite comic printed t

  • The book will be full color, soft cover, all text is in English.
  • Or choose just the PDF.
  • All of your favorite comics will be in there (including the one you like so much)
  • As pledges there are also postcards, a print or a personalized comic to choose from.

There is also a free e-book (in Dutch! - still working on the translation) - see below.  And you can subscribe to receiving a comic every Thursday here.

Free E-book

5 ways to convey your message better

gratis ebook 5manieren om je boodschap beter over te brengen

Do you ever have trouble getting your message across in such a way that it sticks? Or do you want your audience to hang on to your every word and be able to tell what you said long afterwards?

A Dutch e-book full of tips for visual communication that you can apply immediately. You will learn:

  • 5 ways to visually convey your message.
  • Which way is best for your type of message or target audience.
  • And what is important to look for if you want to hire someone.

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