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​Character Design

A campaign or project sometimes needs a real face. Or something more is needed to make your brand recognizable.If all the appropriate BN sufferers suffer from over-exposure, consider their own character. A figure with whom your customer easily identifies. That convey your message playfully and naturally.Well-known examples are Flipje van de Betuwe and the Michelin man. The Berlin metro had a mole signed. The animal wears a construction helmet and communicates about all the inconveniences surrounding the construction of a new metro line. And that works! The funny mole makes the nuisance easier to digest …

Long-term branding

Who is the main character in your marketing story? With your own mascot you score easier with your target group. The unique doll supports your communication for a long time and gives depth to your branding. Such a mascot embodies your product, project or organization.

A character is active – and solves your trickiest issues.Siep van de Bieb does not build a bridge, no: he jumps at the readers. You want to participate.

Designed close to the target group

Who does your organization focus on? Old, young? Fat skinny?Have your look & feel translated into a unique and heart-warming character that fits perfectly with your target group. Almost of flesh and blood. Develop your own character and experience adventures with it. Let your mascot go wild with your target group and steer in outline.Character design is investing in your branding. Count from scratch on about 3 weeks. If there is a good concept or sketch design, it will of course go faster.

​Example ​​character

Marijke has signed Siep (van de Bieb) for us. We were looking for a logo through which we could build up our communication for the target group 0-13 year olds.Siep has become a household name for all primary school students in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. And Siep is always positive and cheerful in his communication, just like Marijke! She is full of good ideas and is able to convert the communication concepts that I come up with into images like no other. And perhaps the most important thing is that working with her is always a party.

​Martin Hol, ​Manager marketing & beleidsontwikkeling bibliotheek ’s-Hertogenbosch

The communication department did have its doubts in the beginning because your style differs from other drawings and animations we already use. But in the end they are also very satisfied with the infographic and the character that we can now use.It was very artful how you and your team managed to make the translation. What I liked best about our collaboration is that you have been extremely flexible. You were always willing to think along with obstacles so that we still met our deadline. You move easily with it.

​​Anna Geraedts, Data science / Product Development ArboNed

Something for you?

Do you want to give more depth to the branding of your project or campaign? Then Character design is for you. Let your message come to life! Contact us for a free consultation.