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While people take in information better through images, image editing is often an adjustment variable. Stock photos and stock illustrations provide general images, which threaten to flatten your message. Moreover, those pictures differ in quality and style.

Choose your own image

Turn it around. If images works best for people, you can start with your own illustrations, as part of your corporate identity. Build your presentation based on the pictures. First have your ideas drawn out – then use them to put across your message.

Made to match

Make your website 100% convincing with your own illustrations that perfectly match your corporate image. An infographic clarifies your product presentation. Corporate drawings give your expressions a unique look. A spicy cartoon takes the sting out of a difficult message.

​But can you draw this? Yes, I can!

Ideas and abstract issues are best captured in an image. The image makes them clear and concrete. You will be surprised how many ways a translation is possible. Even for hard, abstract terminology. Put it to the test and have your most difficult subject drawn. (IT, I’m talking to you too)

​​I was particularly enthusiastic about the humor that you put in your cartoons. Your infectious enthusiasm and the “I will continue until you are satisfied” approach really appealed to me. I had doubts about what the investment would bring me but they disappeared when you sent me some drawings as an offer. Your mentality in combination with these drawings (I really wanted those) convinced me.

Anton de Gier, Professioneel First Mate at AppliedVisions

Example illustrations

Too big for The NetherlandsTeamwork

We were looking for someone who quickly understands what’s what and can think along with the content. Someone recommended you and that worked out well. You picked up the information quickly and could think along from our point of view. You clearly indicated that you value good results and a happy customer. You took away every hesitation to give feedback. That is how we got to a very good result. You understand the art of presenting the essence in a very good way. Simple and effective.

Marinka Drost, Founder DocentPlus

Your words illustrated?

Do you want to make your message clear and concrete? Enrich your website, corporate identity, brochure or presentation with unique illustrations that perfectly match your company. Call or email for a free consultation.