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Look at life as a game. With coding problems.

Look at life as a game (cartoon)

Look at the world as a game. And look at the problems as mistakes in design you can fix. From this sunny and creative view Game Solutions Lab approaches all kinds of problems.

Games can help achieve a lot. Take the game Remission which was designed to help stimulate kids with cancer to properly take their medication. In that game their avatar shrinks and enters a body... to shoot bad cells. When the patient forgets to take his medicine, the avatar will miss more often. Forget again and the power of the gun declines and the avatar gets worse at killing the bad cells.

Compared with control group the gamers handle their medicine better than the kids that didn't play the game. And not unimportant: they felt better.

Illustration: get better by gaming


A hypo in World of Warcraft

To play is fun and you learn too. Thanks to the proposal of a smart nurse, Games for Health Europe enriched the popular game World of Warcraft with diabetes.

It is now possible to get a character that has to eat (healthy) on time and who can get a hypo or hyper. Something to think about... 

Stand-up cartooning at a brainstorm

When Game Solutions Lab has a brainstorm with a client they sometimes involve me to draw a visual report. On the spot I draw what happens at the session. I pour abstract solutions in something tangible that Game Solutions Lab can use for their visual harvest. All kinds of questions can be tackled like this. From a rough area in Rotterdam: how to make it livable with residents and police together? To a pharmaceutical company that wants to raise awareness with young doctors for prescribing antibiotics the right way.

Indulge myself on drawing aliens

And now... I get to make the art work for a game of GSL! ThinkMaster wanted a cool game for kids with dyslexia and a backlog in school. In the design aliens are looking for other species in space and they find us. But in order to communicate with humans, they need to learn our language. From these kids. They become the heroes! And they love it.

Kids that have tried WordSpeed already look forward to new aliens. And of course there can be an evil one - to fight. With their wishes I can keep going.

copyright Message in a Drawing
copyright Message in a Drawing

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A piece of joy in your inbox every Thursday

To brighten up your day. To show you that you’re not alone. To make you feel connected.

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