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Words illustrated with your intake

The drunk only sees solutions

"We don't know problems, we only know solutions", I heard a manager say. To make it easy he skipped the 'challenges'. But even this manager will have to bite the bullet sometimes. And then he and the organization need tot get to work. 


Uneasiness in an organization. Confusion about who does what. Big differences in vision. The company as a black box where a product drops out. The story from the top that's just not conclusive... It happens to the best.

However abstract, I can draw problems. In an 'intake' I reveal them. That way the organization has a beginning for further communication and analysis.


Like the search to sharpen the vision, we work our way through the jungle of solutions. Here too drawings help because they give headspace with humor. That way you can break open what was off-limits. In a nice way.

Digging deeper with an intake

I dare you! Let me at it. Because I need all the pieces of the puzzle, I keep asking with inhibition: "Why does it feel like a problem? Who is effected by the problem and who isn't?" Every company likes it. Even if it's about paperclips: every story about people in an organization fascinates me. I can summarize a difficult story in a fresh drawing. And I don't impose any solutions.

You're fine!

Of course: your organization is fine. You are on your way to the spot on the horizon! "With the train or an airplane?" I ask. And then: "And is there anyone taking an exit?" - silence.

Creativity comes out when you need a solution -- and none of the old solutions work. That's when you get imaginative.
 quote van Gaping Void
Bedrijf als black-box
zoeken tussen de oplossingen
Intake vraag: Welke kant gaan we op?

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A piece of joy in your inbox every Thursday

To brighten up your day. To show you that you’re not alone. To make you feel connected.

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