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Presenting is MORE than just showing stuff

Giving your gift to the wrong people

'Presenting' quickly sounds like a blabla-management speak. You might think about 'giving a presentation' - complete with slides appearing on a screen. And twenty pairs of eyes focussed on you.... Eeeks!

Even though presenting is something you already do on a daily basis. At the breakfast table with your partner and kids. In a discussion with your coworkers. Or to show your boss how you work. The toddler making a scene in the supermarket is also busy giving a presentation. The question is always: will this work?


How do I achieve my goal?

Everyone has to presents something sometimes. So: entertain, educate, persuade and/or motivate. There is always something at stake. The goal is always: influencing. With your report, pitch or story you want the other to see things as you see them.

You want to show your staff members what is going to change in the organization. You want to persuade your wife that a new car is necessary. Or your husband that you need a new pair of shoes. And your kids that the apple is better than a candybar.

Show it

How to make presenting easier? By show and tell. Put in less words and more images. Images persuade faster and more direct. The chance to score will increase considerably. People just pick up images easier than words - and are better remembered!

In a diagram you can show how much the old car costs in extra oil, gas and maintenance. And that it will only get worse (X axis = time, Y axis = money). You could also seduce with photos of the intended model - with your old clunker next to it as a contrast.

For justifying your new shoes you can show a fan deck: this green is different from that one - and the outfit should make sense. And kids will understand the difference between an obese gamer and an athlete.

Pictures help people see exactly what you mean. You grab the attention and eliminate boredom.

Visueel presenteren met Dan Roam

But how to show something in your organization? Is it hard to put your ideas into words? My advice is short and sweet: draw it! Yes, you. Just start with a sketch to shape the topic. That's easier than you think. Try Dan Roam for example!

He helps you discover the ease of Visual Presentation. Dan Roam has revitalised drawing on the back of a napkin. He inspires with his simple sketching tips to put your thoughts on paper with drawings. In his book Show and Tell he helps you to sketch with enthusiasm. 

From blabla to a smile

According to Dan Roam we need less balboa and more smiles. Especially in business stories. If this appeals to you, you should check out his Napkin Academy and it will make you look differently to abstract information.

Visualising presentations - I can't get enough of it. I can draw anything, but then again: that's what I do all day every day. But you can make visual presentations too in your everyday work. I'll show you in the next blog.

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