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Indescribably simple

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Indescribably difficult simple

Pictures are effective. You don’t have to believe me, I will prove it.

Attach brace to shelf

Step 8.There are three kinds of cross-headed screws. Two of these are very much alike (their thread runs along their entire length, the other one has a smooth surface half way, but anyway: you’ve used that one in step 3 – or you should have).

Of those two kinds of screws you need the longestone.

Take one of the shelves with 18 holes in it. Now concentrate on the holes on the side with the funny ridge. The ridge should be turned upwards, by the way. The holes you need are the ones to the left and right of the double hole in the middle. About two inches from the corners. You are going to attach a brace to the shelve, using the cross-headed screw you selected. 

The long edge of the brace should be fixed to the shelve, the short edge should point upwards from the edge. Be sure to turn the brace right side up and front! Before fastening the screw, push a flange over the thread. The flange is meant to end up between the head of the screw and the brace.

Now attach the braces by fastening the screws: one on the left and one on the right.

Attach brace to shelf: short, simple and clear 

Ikea picture

Now that’s not fair!

I know what you are thinking: okay, this may work for assembly instructions, but a company is something else entirely! No talk about nuts and bolts, this is all about abstract concepts like vision, cooperation, development and motivation!

Okay, here goes

Our company has become an archipelago: a bunch of islands. People in different departments don’t work withone another, but withouteach other. They are no longer connected. The feeling that ‘together we are the company’ is watered down. When employees think the work on their island is done, they don’t care what happens next: whether it is picked up and processed further on the next island or not. The result: loss of energy, loss of a common goal. But there’s another way: building bridges, working together, feeling responsible for each other and for OurCompany Ltd.

And again: short, simple and clear!

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Business simple
Image about change in culture

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A piece of joy in your inbox every Thursday

To brighten up your day. To show you that you’re not alone. To make you feel connected.

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